5 Celebrities Who Love to Cook

There is nothing better than some freshly made home-baking, and these 5 celebrities all really love to cook. Some use cooking as a way to unwind, while others use their time in the kitchen to experiment with different ingredients and to come up with their own recipes which they later try out on friends. Some of these stars just really enjoy the tasty treats they can share with people after their cook up, and love the taste of fresh baking too!

Nicole Richie

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Nicole Richie loves cooking so much that she regularly invites friends over to sample her food: “Well, I don’t have a hat and an apron. but I entertain people at home a lot. I love cooking for other people. My house is pretty eclectic. I think it represents me well. It’s fun and comfortable at the same time and it’s a place where a lot of people like to be. It has a lot of people in and out all the time.”

Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton loves making big breakfasts: “I love just to, you know make a big breakfast and call my friends. I love cooking and I’m a great cook. For breakfast, I make amazing French toast. Breakfast is, like my favourite meal of the day so I always make it really big, with maybe, some omelettes and pancakes. I also make the best lasagne you’ve ever tasted.”

Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan likes entertaining friends and often cooks food for everyone which she finds relaxing: “I love to cook. I cook every night. I cooked a butternut squash ravioli for my friends the other night, with like steamed artichoke. It’s freeing, it’s therapeutic for me.”

Jake Gyllenhaal

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Jake is obsessed with cooking and collects cookbooks, while he grows his own vegetables because he loves to have fresh ingredients: “I’ve always loved cooking, probably because my father and mother always cooked. I have a massive section in my library at home of beautiful old cook books. I really have a strange obsession with them. If I’m making a romantic dinner. I like to go to a farmers’ market first, buy things fresh and come up with my own dish based on whatever I’ve bought. I grow my own vegetables at home because I love fresh food.”

Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway loves baking and is inspired by TV chef Nigella Lawson: “I’m an awesome baker – I’ll give myself credit for that. I love Nigella she’s so passionate and loves cooking, which is very inspiring, but she’s very entertaining too – in a good way. Am I a domestic goddess? No, I’m a horror, but luckily, I have very hungry friends who will try out anything I concoct.”