Jessica Simpson Piling on Excessive Weight During Pregnancy?

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Jessica Simpson, seen above celebrating St. Patricks Day with her fiancé Eric, is nearing the end of her pregnancy. It may seem inappropriate to call a pregnant woman, well, fat – but it does look like she really isn’t holding back on those cravings and is allowing herself to eat for two, or maybe make that three. She has ballooned in recent weeks, but not just around the usual tummy and boob areas that can be expected during pregnancy – Jessica looks like she is putting her general health at risk – is it all a stunt?

Jessica inked a deal with Weight Watchers to show off her post-baby weight loss, so is she putting on all this extra weight just so that when she drops it all after it will look even more impressive? Plenty of ladies put on weight during pregnancy, and of course your encouraged to up your calorie intake, but Jessica looks like she has let it go too far – she doesn’t look like a healthy pregnant woman, but obviously she will be forced to bounce back to her regular size after she gives birth as part of her deal. But, by piling on the pounds, she is setting an unrealistic example for other pregnant women who could think its okay to indulge themselves so much during their pregnancy, only to find they don’t have the fitness trainers and specially make meals to help them drop it all as easily as she will. Jessica will have those things, not to mention the huge amount of money that will certainly be a helpful source of weight loss inspiration.

Jessica could actually be doing more harm than good to the women she will be encouraging to diet once she squeezes her newborn out!