luckyul posted on Jul 30th, 2012
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Forbes' List of the 15 Wealthiest Fictional Characters

Forbes magazine, which will rank the wealth of Tsetse flies based on blood accumulation if it meant the Internet would pay attention to the finance magazine, has assembled a list of the 15 wealthiest ...
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The Startup Curve

I'm working with a few startups right now that are in various phases of Paul Graham's startup curve:Many people think startups are up and to the right all the time. But more services exhibit this...
Posted on Oct 25th, 2011 1 4422

The difference between management and leadership

Managers work to get their employees to do what they did yesterday, but a little faster and a little cheaper.Leaders, on the other hand, know where they'd like to go, but understand that they can't ge...
Posted on Oct 25th, 2011 3 1904

Form and function

When the form changes, so does the underlying business model, which of course changes the function as well.Mail ---> emailBooks ---> ebooksDVD ---> YouTube/Netflix1040 ---> Online taxesVis...
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Naive or professional?

The naive farmer farms as his parents, grandparents and great grandparents did. She plants, hopes and harvests. Anything that goes well or poorly is the work of the gods. The professional farmer measu...
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A definition of a leader...

Leaders lead. Is that too simple? Writers write. If you want to be a writer, write. And be sure to have people read what you write. And leaders? Leaders lead. If you want to be a leader, go lead.
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Our Google Tech Talk: Turning Mediocre Products Into Awesome...

The data geeks over at ChubbyBrain recently analyzed 32 startups to determine thenumber one reason they fail is because they ignore their customers. Most companies develop a product and solicit feedba...
Posted on Mar 28th, 2011 2 2654
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Glam Media Furthers International Presence With South Korean...

Glam Media, one of the largest publishing and advertising networks on the Web, is continuing to expand its international presence with the launch of Glam Media South Korea. The women-focused vertica...
Posted on Mar 15th, 2011 1 3701
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The Way I Work: Michael Arrington of TechCrunch

TechCrunch, a San Francisco-based company that publishes the influential blog of the same name, started as a hobby. In 2005, Michael Arrington, a serial entrepreneur and former lawyer, was researchi...
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What Are President Obama, Zuck, Jobs And Other Silicon Valle...

The White House has just posted several photos from President Obama’s dinner with a number of Silicon Valley’s technology CEOs and leaders yesterday evening. As you can see from the photos, the star...
Posted on Feb 16th, 2011 3 7578
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My daughter asked me not to come drunk to her school play. Too bad, I really wanted to see it.
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게으름 보다는 빠르게, 조급한 것 보다는 느리게
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The Incredible Freedom Of A Facebook Engineer

Facebook engineers decide what they want to work on and are allowed to make changes across the site without asking for permission. Skype product Manager Yee Lee talked to a bunch of friends who work...
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2011 0 3056

Top 50 Programming Quotes of All Time

50. "Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the universe trying to build bigger and better idiots. So far, the universe is...
Posted on Sep 19th, 2010 0 3189
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El Benq S11 también sucumbe a la moda de los proyectores int...

Los fabricantes no se detienen en la búsqueda de una fórmula para que el consumidor elija la videocámara de bolsillo de su marca frente a las de los rivales. La Benq S11 es una vuelta de tuerca más...