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Around 2,000 B.C. the world population consisted of twelve tribes. Although these very diverse tribes used different languages and cultures they could understand each other with the help of the friendly Looah. The Looah was a small insect whose bodies was a mere 5 mm long and lived inside the human ear seeking warmth.

Because it had big head and small wings the Looah could not fly very well and did not travel far from its human host. Because this little insect had the special ability of being able to translate the different tribal languages nobody tried to destroy it. Thanks to the Looah conflicts among the tribes rarely happened.

Back then alchemy was used and the wise alchemists were focused on creating nifty tools such as the puncture free wheel and medicine for incurable diseases. One day an alchemist named, Magol, was creating a chemical for removing wrinkles and inadvertently discovered a way to turn copper into gold. The research was of course immediately banned, since it was considered to be dangerous black magic.

Unknowingly, Magol, made the dreaded “golsh”, which had the identical appearance as real gold and in the process became the most powerful and rich black-marketer on earth. His fake gold was renown throughout the entire planet.

Sadly there was one thing Magol did not know… It was the fact that there lived an invisible virus known as, Nuk, which lived in the golsh. Although Nuk can not harm humans, it was a fatal killer of the ear insect translators, giving them a virus which shrunk their big heads… Not nice. The poor Looah insects infected by Nuks could not live longer than two days. The more golsh used, the faster the numbers of Looah decreased. It was a terrible loss to mankind. When the Looah had almost become extinct disputes erupted. Misunderstandings between the tribes occurred and a several alchemist tribes formed a coalition became a war council… Quite naturally, war broke out throughout the planet.

Fed-up with the disruptions caused by tomahawks and war horses tipping over and breaking their precious brewing pots, alchemists from every tribe met at a deserted house called Domicil. There they brewed Arrk, a chemical which can distinguish golsh from real gold… Unfortunately, there was already too much golsh in the world and not enough Arrk. Subsequently the alchemists decided to divide the Arrk into twelve parts and to return to their own villages to buy more materials by which to create more.

However, history notes, Buthi, one of the alchemists from Shum tribe betrayed the alchemists and sold this information to Magol. Having grown powerful the greedy alchemist worried that if golsh disappeared, so would his black-market empire. With his private army of henchmen he went to Domicil and killed off all the noble alchemists, or so he thought... But one alchemist, Han from the Kor tribe, having had a terrible commute along the cedar trade route, arrived late... The severed head of one the alchemists rolled to a stop in front of his donkey at the Domicil gate. Sensing danger, he wisely rode away.

Magol and his henchmen chased after him… But Han’s fast donkey, Audic, frightened by the killers, took off into the brush where no horse or man could follow… Han and his brave braying steed escaped. The surviving alchemist, when he grew old left a warning message on a paper. He wrote, "If people keep using golsh catastrophe will come to mankind…” And he put the non-perishable substance on the paper and hid it. In time half of the golsh disappeared and were dumped into the sea, where it can be found to this day as fool’s gold. But many of the golsh somehow managed to survive…

In 2010, Jendarc, a librarian, suddenly heard a sound… At first she thought she was having hearing trouble, but when she read foreign books, the sound translated what she was reading into her own language. Once, while reading an ancient document in a book she was digitizing, she understood every word. She was stunned and curious.

The sound, she soon discovered after visiting an ear doctor, originated from a small winged insect living in her warm ear. A Looah was translating the foreign document into her language.

The Looah came out to the world again, an insect that was thought to have been extinct. On researching with the language techies from inner Silicon Valley, and with help of the Looah, she learned the only way to save endangered mankind is to find the other 11 pieces of the recipe and make Arrk…

Jendarc started her journey to find other pieces. During her journey she met other friends who also hosted Looah insects in their ears and explored together the possibility of a world without misunderstanding… Today the important question is asked, Can these people find all missing pieces and again save the world?

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