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litiblue translated on Jul 6th, 2014
Translated on Jul 6th, 2014 0 19856

Here is a link for it : ENGLISH to KOREAN translation http:...

Ryan: Hmm. Well, it's all pretty amazing really. And the funny thing is that it's all very undervalued. The protocol I was talking about, HTTP, it's capable of all sorts of neat stuff that people igno...
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라이언: 흠. 좋아, 그건 정말 놀라워. 그리고 재밌는것은 그게 정말 저평가 되었다는거야. 내가 말한 프로토콜(전송규약)HTTP는, 모든 멋진것들을 가능하게 하지만 어떤 이유에서인지 무시당하고 있어.