• If it took me an hour to figure out how to set my clock ahead an hour, do I still have to?
  • 如果我需要一个小时才能分析出如何把我的闹钟调前一个小时,我还需要去做吗?
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  • Confused? Lost? Can’t figure out your new zodiac sign? Tweet me your questions with the tag #AskEllen and I might answer on the show.
  • 迷惑了?迷失了?不知道你的星座?把你的问题推特给我,加上#AskEllen的标签,我可能会在节目中回答。
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  • Vince Vaughn just became a daddy and he’s already worried about preschools. This is why Portia and I have cats. http://ellen.tv/hyqvl4
  • 文斯·沃恩刚升格为爸爸,他已经开始操心为孩子选什么幼儿园了。这就是为什么波西娅和我选择养猫。 http://ellen.tv/hyqvl4
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