• Daily Frugal Tip: Use Bread Crust To Make French Toast Sticks

  • 每日省钱小计:面包皮变身法式烤面包棒

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  • If you have a little one who refuses to eat the crust on sliced bread, here’s a great tip from reader Nici:
  • 如果您家有个小朋友总是不爱吃面包片的边皮,不妨试试读者Nici的巧妙方法:
  • “Two of my three kids don’t like the crust on their sandwiches. Rather than throwing away the crusts once they’re cut off, I store them in a sandwich bag in the fridge. After a couple of lunches, I have enough crusts to make french toast ‘sticks’ for breakfast. Everyone loves them!”
  • “我的三个孩子中有两个都不爱吃三明治的硬边皮。与其扔掉可惜,不如装在食品袋里存入冰箱。过几天当我存了足够的面包硬边皮,我就给孩子们做法式烤面包棒当早餐,可受欢迎了!”
  • What other creative ways do you use up leftover crust? I personally like to make croutons from dried-out bread.
  • 您还有什么其它的更巧妙的方法来利用剩余的面包皮呢?我个人喜欢把面包皮烤脆了做碎面包块儿。
  • Thanks, Nici!
  • 谢谢Nici!