• SEO tips for web designers – Part 5: keeping it up

  • 网页设计师的SEO技巧 - 第5部分:保持更新

  • Now that you have worked hard on your SEO during your website’s designing process and during the launch, you don’t want to leave it there. Search engine optimization is a long time process, you’ll have to constantly work on it and optimize your pages and links.
  • SEO 并不止步于网站设计和推出阶段。这是一项长期工作,你需要持续优化你的页面和链接。
  • Keep an eye on your analytics
  • 关注网站分析
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  • Once your website is live, you should detect its strengths and weaknesses to know which actions to take. Keep an eye on keywords that bring you traffic and check out the links that bring traffic to the popular pages containing these keywords.
  • 一旦推出网站,你需要识别网站的强项和弱项以便采取行动。关注为你的网站带来流量的关键字并查阅那些带来链接的页面链接。
  • You should also be aware of which websites refer to yours. If some important website in your niche brings you a lot of traffic, you better build a strong relationship with the owner of that site.
  • 同时你也需要留意哪些网站提及到你。如果在你细分市场的一些重要站点为你带来了大量流量,你最好和这些网站的所有者建立友好的关系。
  • Check your rankings
  • 查看排名
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  • If you are targetting some keywords, check out where they are ranking in Google search results. For that you can use SEO Centro’s Rank Checker tool or Google Rankings tool.
  • 如果你预设了某些关键字,查看下他们在Google搜索结果的排名。你可以使用SEO Centro的Rank Checker工具或Google Rankings工具。
  • You can also check your page rank. Even though it doesn’t affect your search engine rankings, it can be an weigh in for link exchanges. It can also be useful for looking for advertisers.
  • 你还可以查看页面排名。虽然它对你在搜索引擎的排名并没有影响,但可能是链接交换时的考虑因素,。它也是广告商的考虑要素。
  • Monitor your social media presence
  • 监视在设计媒体的表现
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  • Know what people are saying about your site and which pages on your website are mentionned often. It’s a great way to learn about the popularity of your articles.
  • 了解人们对你的网站如何评价以及哪些网页最常被提及。这是了解你的文章的流行性的好方式。
  • On Twitter, you can track mentions of your website with BackTweets. Just do a search with your URL and you’ll get all updates that linked to your site. Another cool tool is TweetBeeps, the Twitter equivalent of Google Alerts. Enter the name of your product, brand or website and get alerts when it’s mentionned.
  • 在Twitter上,你可以通过BackTweets追踪提及到你的网站的次数。仅需简单搜索即可得到链接到你的网站的所有更新。另一有用的工具是TweetBeeps,类似于Twitter上的Google Alerts。输入你的产品、品牌或网站名,即可得到提及通知。
  • For Facebook monitoring, you can click on the insights. It will track demographic data, interactions by media type, and more…
  • 在Facebook上,你可以点击insights。它会追踪地理信息、互动媒体类型及更多。
  • Publish content regularly
  • 定期发布文章
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  • As a web publisher, you should have a writing schedule and stick to it. Not only it will help to gain loyal readers, but Google and other web spiders will know what to expect from you in terms of publishing.
  • 作为网络出版者,你要有定期的写作日程并坚持下去。这不仅可以帮你获得忠实的读者,还可以让Google和其它网页机器人知道应该对你作何期待。
  • Build and maintain relationships
  • 建立并维护关系纽带
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  • Last tip, but one of the most important. Networking online and offline is tremendously important for SEO. People you shared a beer with are more likely to link to you. If you have no way to meet people in your niche in real life: emails, social networks and instant messaging can be awesome tools for networking.
  • 最后但却是最重要的一条建议。在线上和线下建立关系网络对于SEO都是非常重要的。你与之分享一杯啤酒的人更可能与你链接。如果你在现实生活中无法和你细分市场里的人建立关系,你可以使用emails、设交网络和及时通信。