• SEO tips for web designers – part 3: on-page optimization

  • 网页设计师的SEO技巧 - 第3部分:页面优化

  • Now that your website is planned, you have your URL, keywords and a good website structure. It is time to optimize your pages to be more crawlable and optimized for both search engines and readers.
  • 你已规划了网站、设定了URL、关键字和网站结构,是时候为读者和搜索引擎优化页面了。
  • Optimize pages titles
  • 优化页面标题
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  • One of the most important parts of your on-page SEO. It is used by search engines as headlines for search results, so your page’s title will have an impact on both the search engines and people searching.
  • 这是你页面SEO最重要的部分,页面标题将被搜索引擎用于搜索结果,无论是对搜索引擎还是人们的搜索而言非常重要。
  • In your page’s title, try to include your keywords, but keep the title coherent and attractive to your potential readers, don’t forget that you are writing for them. Keep the title under 65 characters or Google may cut of your page’s title with an ellipsis. This would not look good in the search results page and people will not be able to read the full title.
  • 在页面的标题中,尝试包含你的关键字,但是确保标题对于读者而言是清楚易懂且具有吸引力的。确保标题不多于65个字符,否则Google会用省略号缩短你的标题。
  • Optimize the page Description
  • 优化页面描述
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  • The description is not decisive in Google’s rankings, but it will appear in the search results and influence whether the people will click through or not.
  • 描述并不包含在Google的排名里,但它会出现在搜索结果并影响人们是否点击它。
  • Try to keep it under 200 characters and make it as descriptive as possible.
  • 尝试将描述限定在200字符内,尽可能具有描述性。
  • SEO Friendly Design Structure
  • SEO友好的设计结构
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  • Your site structure counts in SEO in multiple ways, if you avoid using tables for site structure and stick to HTML-CSS, chances are that you’ll get a lighter and more crawlable page. Needless to say that this will also make your life easier by having a site that is easier to update in the future.
  • 你的网站架构对SEO有多重影响,如果你避免使用表格作为网站架构而是使用HTML-CSS,,很可能可以获得更轻和更容易搜索的网页。更不用说这可以使你的网站在将来更容易更新。
  • Semantic Web Markups
  • 语义网页标记
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  • Use appropriate tags in your content. <h1> will definitly work much better than <div =”maintitle”> to let search engines know the hierarchy of your content. Good titles and sub-title are a very important element of your on-page SEO optimization. <strong> and <em> tags should be considered to emphasize important keywords into core text.
  • 在内容中使用合适的标签。<h1>毫无疑问比<div =”maintitle”>更容易让搜索引擎知道你的内容的层次。好的标题和子标题对于页面优化是非常重要的。<strong> 和 <em> 标签可用于强调重要的关键字。
  • Optimize your site Load Time
  • 优化页面加载时间
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  • Google is quite obsessed with its own speed, but not only. The search engine also gives a lot of importance to the speed of websites it crawls and use the page speed of pages to rank it.
  • Google 非常沉迷于其速度,但不仅限于此。搜索引擎对于网站速度同样给予非常大的关注,它会根据页面加载速度来进行排名。
  • There are a lot of steps to take to get a fast-loading page: minimize HTTP requests, add an expires header, GZIP components,… It would be too long to list here, so I suggest that you take a look at Yahoo’s best practices for speeding up your website.
  • 有许多方法可以用来获得更快的页面:最小化HTTP请求、添加过期页头、GZIP成分等。此列表非常长,我建议你看看Yahoo的加快网站速度的最佳实践方法(http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html)。
  • Optimize your images
  • 优化你的图片
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  • Don’t underestimate the power of image search. Pay attention to the way you name your image files, avoid titles like CDN000004.jpg, they are just useless, instead try something like cute-dog.jpg. Also fill in the alternate text and title for the image.
  • 不要低估图片搜索的威力。关注图片文件的命名,避免诸如CDN000004.jpg的无意义的文件名称,取而代之以cute-dog.jpg的名称。同时填写图片的可选文本和标题。
  • Avoid using these CSS techniques
  • 避免使用这些CSS技巧
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  • When working on your website, avoid using these CSS techniques that would ruin all your efforts. Be careful not using CSS to hide text, Google sees it and doesn’t like it. Don’t hide text either by setting the same color for the text as for the background, that’s just dumb.
  • 当创建你的网站时,避免使用这些足以毁掉你的努力成果的CSS技巧。注意不要使用CSS来隐藏文本,Google会发现并讨厌它。不要试图用和文本同样的背景色来隐藏文本。
  • Not as bad, but you should also try to avoid using CSS to replace images.
  • 虽然不是不好,但你也要竭力避免用CSS来代替图片。