• SEO tips for web designers – part 2: website structure

  • 网页设计师的SEO技巧 – 第2部分:网站结构

  • When launching your site, there are things that you should consider to implement on the website to ensure better search engine optimization. Here are a few that you should consider.Optimize your URL structure
  • 要构建网站时,有许多方面可以帮您获得更好的搜索引擎优化。以下是你需要考虑的几个方面。

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  • Make sure to set up a pretty URL structure. When possible, avoid URL containing strange characters and numeric values like http://www.example.com/?p=22341, instead use pretty permalinks like http://www.example.com/category/my-post.html (but don’t use the category first in WordPress).
  • 确保一个非常URL化的地址。如果可能的话,避免包含奇怪字符和数值的URL,如http://www.example.com/?p=22341;要尽量使用诸如http://www.example.com/category/my-post.html 的永久链接(但不要在WordPress里把categroy放在首位)。
  • Be careful to keep these URLs as short as possible. The most descriptive URLs are the best, try to remember it, for example, http://www.example.com/shoes/nike.html is a descriptive URL structure. Keep in mind that hyphens are better than underscores (don’t ask me why, engine spiders seem to like it better). Also, stay away from strange file exentions such as .exe or .bin, stick to .html, .php or .asp to be trusted by search engines crawlers.
  • 尽可能确保URLs简短。最具描述性的URLs最好,如http://www.example.com/shoes/nike.html 就是一个描述性的URL结构。记住连字号优于下划线(不要问我为什么,引擎似乎更钟情于它)。同时,避免奇怪的文件扩展名,如.exe 或 .bin,,要使用 .html、 .php 或 .asp 。
  • Once you chose your permalink structure, stick to it!Set up the Robots.txt file
  • 一旦选择了您的永久链接结构,就要坚持使用它。

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  • The robots.txt is a simple instructions file dedicated to tell search engine spiders which pages in your website it should index and which pages it should ignore.
  • robots.txt 文件可告知搜索引擎机器人你的网站上的哪些页面应该编入索引而哪些页面应该忽视。
  • You should place it in your root directory and include instructions that will help you to avoid duplicate content and will optimize the crawling of your website.
  • 你应该把它放在根目录下,里面包含可帮你避免重复内容和优化你的网站的指导。
  • Website sitemap
  • 网站地图
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  • Large websites will benefit from a sitemap more than smaller ones. Anyway, having a sitemap on your website is useful for both your visitors and search engines. It is generally a good idea to have one on your website or blog.Structure your navigation
  • 比起小型网站,大网站更能从网站地图中获益。无论如何,拥有一个网站地图对你的访问者和搜索引擎而言都非常有用。在你的网站或博客上建立一个网站地图通常是不错的主意。

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  • Plan your navigation structure wisely, then use the keywords you chose during your keyword research. Always priviledge user experience over SEO when building your navigation, but do place keywords in the navigation whenever you have an opportunity.
  • 明智地规划你的导航结构,然后再选择关键字。在构建导航结构时,永远把用户体验放在优于SEO的位置上,但是只要有机会,就在导航里放进关键字。
  • Avoid using images or flash for your navigation, stick to plain text. For the pages you don’t need to rank high for, use the rel=”nofollow” attributes in the link. This technique is know as PageRank sculpting and is used to prevent PageRank leaks and focus on the pages you want to rank higher.
  • 避免在导航里使用图片或flash,坚持使用文本文件。对于那些无需排名的网页,在链接里使用rel=”nofollow”值。这个技巧称为网页排名雕刻(PageRank sculpting ),可使网页排名集中在你想要排名的网页上。
  • XML sitemap
  • XML 网站地图
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  • A XML sitemap is a file that gives instructions to web crawlers about the website. Installing a XML sitemap can improve your website’s SEO by ensuring that all pages can be found.
  • XML 网站地图可给予网络检索器关于你的网站的指导。安装XML 网站地图可确保所有的页面都可找到,从而提升网站的SEO。