• What’s in your worry closet?

  • 你的忧虑包里有什么?

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  • Whenever we start a new client engagement, we begin by working to understand our target audience. Who are they? And what is it that they are looking for?
  • 每当我们着手开始新的客户项目,我们总是从理解我们的目标受众开始。他们是谁?他们在关注什么?
  • Another way to frame that question is to ask, “What keeps them up at night?.” If you can figure that out, then you can begin to understand how to best address their needs. If you’re striving for solutions, it’s best to begin with the end in mind and work backward from there. So what keeps you up at night? How about a little Visual Meditation doodle therapy to clear your head?
  • 该问题的另一询问方式是:“什么让他们在晚上保持兴奋?”如果你能找到该问题的答案,那么你就可以了解如何最好地满足他们的需求。如果你正在努力寻找解决方案,最好是先了解最终需求并从那里逐步往前推。什么让你在晚上保持兴奋呢?来点视觉涂鸦疗法来澄清想法如何?
  • Okay pencil and paper ready?
  • 纸和铅笔准备好了吗?
  • Sketch it, scan it and upload it to our xBlog activities Group on Flickr.
  • 把它画下来、扫描并上传至我们在Flickr的xBlog活动组。