• 如何利用脸书赚钱

  • How to: use facebook to raise money
  • 如何利用脸书赚钱
  • 由脸书活动家,募款人,社交网络募款人苏珊娜.维那(Susannah Vila)发布 通过社交网络募款可以是件轻松而容易的事情,条件是你用正确的方式来做。
  • With social networks, raising money can be a lot more lightweight and easy. But that's only if you go about it the right way. Think of it as an opportunity to create a two-way, ongoing relationship between you and your potential supporters. Rather than checking in with them regularly to let them know when their donations have allowed you to do, you can use social media to provide a constantly open window into your group's activities - in other words, into the impact of their donations.
  • 把其想作你和你的潜在支持者之间的一件双向,持续的联系。与其常常与潜在支持者联络以便让他们知道他们的捐款让你做到的,你可以利用社交网络提供一个持续开放的窗口,显示你的组织的活动,也即,表明他们捐款的影响力。
  • Step 1.
  • 第一步.
  • Create a Facebook page.
  • 创建一个脸书帐号页。
  • Step 2.
  • 第二步。
  • Link fundraising apps to your page. A few that make it easy to accept donations without asking anyone to leave your page (let alone the Facebook website!) are:
  • 将募捐的应用软件链接到你的脸书页。下列软件可以容易地接受捐款而无需要求捐款人离开你的页面(更无需离开脸书网站!):
  • - The Donate app (requires a PayPal account)
  • - 捐赠的应用程序(需要一个贝宝PayPal帐户)
  • - Fundrazr (also requires PayPal)
  • - Fundrazr (也需要贝宝PayPal帐户)
  • - Piryx
  • - Piryx
  • Step 3.
  • 第三步:
  • Promote your page a lot. See our guide on increasing your Facebook base for some tips. For one thing, try to link back to your Facebook presence wherever you can. Tell everyone you meet about it, if you are interviewed by other media outlets, tell audiences to visit your Facebook page. If you create printed materials like flyers or t-shirts, put your Facebook page in a prominent location. Because they were fundraising for relief during a national crisis, the youth group in Pakistan, the Pakistan Youth Alliance, did receive plenty of of media invitations and other free promotion for their page, and they capitalized on it.
  • 大力推销你的网页。参看我们关于提高你的脸书阅读率的指引以找到一些窍门。其中一点是,尽可能多地链接到你的脸书网页. 告诉所有人你遇到了它,如果你被媒体采访,请听众访问你的脸书主页。如果你做了书面材料,例如传单或T恤衫,将你的脸书主页放在明显的位置。由于在巴基斯坦的青年团体巴基斯坦青年同盟在国家危机的时候从事募捐,他们的确得到了很多媒体的邀请对其网页进行免费推广,而他们因此在资金上得益。
  • Step 4.
  • 第四步
  • Whenever you receive a donation, document it and the donator's contact information. Keep this somewhere safe (see our guide on staying organized).
  • 无论何时你收到一份捐款,记录下捐款以及捐款人的联系方式。将该记录保存在安全的地方(参看我们有关保持条理的指引)。
  • Step 5.
  • 第五步。
  • As the Pakistan Youth Alliance discovered, you don't need to waste time and resources by regularly contacting funders to follow up on their donations. Instead - harness Facebook for what it's best at. Here's excerpt from our case study on a youth group in Pakistan's succesful use of Facebook for fundraising:
  • 如同巴基斯坦青年联盟一例所显示的,你无需浪费时间和人力来定期联络捐款人去告知关于他们捐款的动向。相反地,利用脸书的特点。下面即巴基斯坦成功案例的摘引:
  • Once they received money, they made sure to document the contact information of every funder and keep them abreast of how their money was being spent. But they didn’t do this by contacting each one individually, which would have been more time consuming, so much as using Facebook to be 100% transparency about their relief efforts. “We put everything there,” says Syed, “photos from the journeys into rural areas, preparing the trucks, hanging banners, doling out water - everything.” Everyone had access to live feedback on what was happening on the ground with their money. The live status updates, which went up on YouTube and Twitter as well as Facebook, of their work accelerated their fundraising efforts. View photos of the PYA's relief work here.
  • 他们一旦收到款项,即确保记录下每个捐款人的联络信息并让其了解他们的款项是如何花费的。但他们并非一个个联络捐款人因为这样过于费时,而是用脸书来保证其救灾努力百分之百的透明化。
    “我们把什么都放在那上面了,” Syed说, “到乡村的旅途的照片,准备卡车,挂旗子,捐水 -一切的一切。” 每个人都可以上脸书看到他们捐款用途和动向的实时报道。 在YouTube,推特和脸书上的关于工作的实时更新,加速了他们的捐款进程。 巴基斯坦青年联盟相关工作的照片也可以在此找到。
  • Tip!
  • 诀窍!
  • Remember to create a vanity URL for your Facebook page, so that people remember it more easily. For example: http://www.facebook.com/PakistanYouthAlliance
  • 注意为你的脸书主页创建一个虚荣网址,这样人们很容易记住。例如:
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