• "Useful"Japanese Phrase of the day -"Let's go have some drinks!" -

  • すぐに使える日本語 "飲みにいこう!"

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  • "飲みに行こう (Nomini Ikou, Pronunciation:no-me-knee e-koh)"
  • "飲みに行こう (Nomini Ikou, Pronunciation:no-me-knee e-koh)"
  • What a useful phrase!
  • 今にでも使えそうな日本語ですね!
  • Nomini Ikou means "Let's go have some drinks".
  • 誰かを飲み会などに誘うときに使う言葉です。
  • If you would like to be a little more polite, you can change the end a little bit, just like this:
  • これを敬語で使いたい場合はこちら。
  • "飲みに行きましょう (Nomini Ikimashou, Pronunciation:no-me-knee e-key-ma-show)" It's a same meaning, but you can use it to someone older or higher position than you, or someone who you've met first time.
  • "飲みに行きましょう (Nomini Ikimashou, Pronunciation:no-me-knee e-key-ma-show)"。 "飲みに行こう!"と同じ意味ですが、年上や上司、または初めて会った人などに使えるバージョンです。
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junuki • Jul 2nd, 2012

totally useful!!!