• “It doesn't hurt to ask.”

  • "聞いてみないとわからないよ"

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  • You're talking with your husband about his job. You think that he should ask his boss for a raise. He doesn't think his boss will give him a raise, so he's hesitant. To persuade him, you say:
  • あなたがボスに昇進について聞いてみたら?と旦那に尋ねたところ、旦那さんは”いや~それはないと思うけどな~”と弱気な発言。そんなときに使う言葉はこれ。
  • It doesn't hurt to ask.

  • ”It doesn’thurt to ask (聞いてみないとわからないよ)”

  • This is a well-known set phrase in English. Use it when you think that someone should ask for something, even if the answer is probably "no". Here is another example:
  • これは英語でよく使われる使いまわし。答えがたぶんダメだろうと思ったときでも使えるいいまわしです。例えばこんなとき。
  • I doubt that he knows where it is, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  • ”たぶん彼は知らないだろうけど、聞いてみないとわからないね” といった具合につかえます。