• gonna stay focused. back at it. not gonna focus on the negative. just a little respect would help.
  • 需要集中精力,回过神来。不要在意一些负面和消极的东西,只需要一些尊重就好!
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  • dear paps...golf is supposed to be a relaxing sport..u arent supposed to be in the bushes yelling at me with cameras. let me finish the game
  • 亲爱的老爸……高尔夫应该是一个令人惬意的运动……你不应该藏在树丛里拿着照相机冲我喊。让我打完
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  • also got to visit Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. An incredible place and something i will never ever forget.
  • 还去了 Yad Vashem Holocaust博物馆。一个令人难以忘怀的地方!
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