• Want to Heat Your Coffee With Your iPad? There’s an App for That

  • 想要用您的iPad来加热您的咖啡?这里有一个软件为它而建

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  • Imagine this scenario: your coffee has gone cold, and you’re simply too lazy to get up from your desk, go to the microwave and reheat it. If you have the new iPad, however, there may be a solution for this problem: the HotPad.
  • 想象一下情况:您的咖啡变冷了,但是您因为太懒了,懒得从您的桌子旁边起来,去微波炉然后再加热它。如果您有一个新的iPad的话,就有对于这个问题的解决方法:热垫子。
  • HotPad is a simple web app that “overclocks” your iPad’s CPU, and displays virtual heat coils on its screen, where you can place your coffee and keep it warm for hours.
  • 热垫子是一个简单的网络软件,它能够“超频”您的iPad的中央处理器,并且在它的屏幕上展示出虚拟的加热圈,在它上面您放上您的咖啡,可以持续几个小时保温。
  • Of course, it’s all a joke, and we definitely don’t recommend you placing any hot beverage on your iPad (or any other gadget, for that matter). The app is a clever take on the recent iPad heat controversy – Heatgate, if you will – in which a slew of reports claim that the new iPad is heating up considerably more than the iPad 2.
  • 当然,这些都是一个玩笑,并且我们绝对不建议您放置任何热饮在您的iPad上(或者任何其他的小器具,对于这个来说)。这个应用程序是对于最近iPad散热问题的争议的巧搭——加热门,如果您愿意——一大批报告称新iPad比iPad2散热能力差好多。
  • The app was concocted by the pranksters at Primary Coffee Company, which claims that the “app” won’t hurt your iPad, but placing coffee on it might.
  • 这项应用程序是由主要的咖啡公司炮制的恶作剧,声称这项“应用程序”不会伤害到您的iPad, 但是如果把您的咖啡放上去可能就会伤害到了。
  • As far as Heatgate goes, we’re not sure all the controversy we’ve seen out there is warranted. After all, pretty much all the gadgets you use – your PC, laptop and phone – get a little hot sometimes.
  • 至于散热门,我们不确定所有的摆在那里的争议都是保修的。毕竟,几乎所有的我们用的器具——我们的电脑,笔记本和电话——有时候都会变热。