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    Back of their T shirts:

    1. (내가어딜봐서첫째) - Even if I think I don't look too shabby myself, how can I be the first eldest of six brothers ?
    2. (조금은 어린 둘째) - I'm the second eldest of them, who is a little bit older than the first.
    3. (이 얼굴에 셋째면 만족) - I'm the third eldest of them even though I look much older than my age, so I'm satisfied with the result.
    4. (됐거든요 대세는 정꼬마) - Could you shut up? Rain, alias 'kid Jung', is just great.
    5. (중간은 했다) - I'm the fourth eldest of them, who is halfway through.
    6. (초동안 여섯째) - I'm the sixth eldest of them, who is the most boyish-looking man.

    -Credits Rain Bird @ RainEU
  • Jul 12th, 2011
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